Mr. Morris Not behind internet hoax

The Sega fan site SegaBits has recently directed an internet hoax called “Project Dream” in the direction of 40 year industry veteran Mr. Zachary Morris.

“Update: So after a bit of internet sleuthing and comments from those who have dealt with SEGA home console conspiracy artists in the past, all of this very well may be the work of the infamous Zach Morris. Mr. Morris, or whatever his name is, has been up to this sort of nonsense since 2003″ 


We can officially confirm that the venerable Mr. Morris only reports on the truth and is in no way affiliated with “Project Dream”.

– Brian Holzhauer



  1. Aw, did you get kicked out of the Project Dream project Patrick Lawson? I see you got removed from the facebook group already. Quick, find an old blog that you wrote up a few months ago, create a bunch of new posts on the same day you got booted from the group. Yep, same old shit.

    Best thing, I mean the totally best thing is that we have your FULL NAME this time out. FULL NAME and FACEBOOK profile. Sure, try and hide, but the internet doesn’t forget a cheat and a liar.

    Even if you don’t approve this comment, I know you read it. I know your name.

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