Sega Cyclone Is A Next Generation Arcade Board

GennyRT can today confirm in this world exclusive report that the Sega Cyclone is a next generation arcade board.

This new board shall have at it’s heart revolutionary ray traced graphics.

Sega shall also license to board to other arcade vendors.

The baord is set for reveal that JAEPO 2017 to be held in February.

More as we get it.

– Zach Morris


Sega Opens Zero Latency VR Attraction In Tokyo; Signals Up-And-Coming FEC Trend

“TOKYO — Virtual Reality startup Zero Latency is joining forces with Sega Japan and its Sega Live Creation subsidiary to create a hi-tech entertainment facility in Tokyo. The new attraction, which is opening in the Joypolis family entertainment center, in time for its 20th anniversary, will be a permanent fixture at the Tokyo venue.”

Full Article – Vending Times Inc.

– Brian Holzhauer

Sega signs with daifuku



GennyRT can this morning exclusively reveal that Sega has signed a contract with Daifuku co., Ltd.

The Daifuku Group is the world’s leading materials handling company.

Sega shall be utilizing Daifuku for the global rollout of it’s next generation console; the SEGA CYCLONE.

– Zach Morris

sega selects arm



GennyRT can today exclusively reveal that Sega has chosen ARM to provide the CPU for it’s next generation digital download based console; the SEGA CYCLONE.

Sega shall be utilizing a 64-bit version of the ARM architecture.

More as we get it.

– Zach Morris

Attractions Adventures – ‘Sega Joypolis Tour’ – July 8, 2016

“This week on Attractions Adventures we join Matthew as he explores Shanghai’s Sega Joypolis.

Sega Joypolis is an amusement park located on the top two floors of a mall. Located across the street from the Jinshajiang Road metro stop on Line 4. This amusement park features a wide variety of games and simulators. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the games and their environments, filming of said games is prohibited.”

Source – Attractions MAGAZINE

– Brian Holzhauer

Made in Japan: Special Edition R360 – The New Arcade Frontier

“It is not a surprise that Sega has always manufactured and introduced in the arcade industry many unique and avant-garde games, as well as advanced technology in its coin-ops that masterfully mix the art of the video game with immersive, hydraulic, Taikan-built cabinets.

This time though the house of Sonic has surpassed itself and has gone even further compared to its most advanced coin-op in terms of mechanics. Indeed, it is probably the most radical tech jump in more than 20 years: we are talking, of course, about the futuristic and brand new R360 arcade system.”

Full Article – T3

– Brian Holzhauer

Sega prototyping two separate designs for next generation



Earlier in the week we broke news that Sega had cut a deal with imagination technologies to provide the graphics processor for the Sega Cyclone.

This morning we have received word that Sega is in fact prototyping two separate systems for internal evaluation. One utilizing a PowerVR chip and the other using a chip by Korean company SiliconArts.

Sega is investigating both designs to see which offers best bang for buck.

More soon.

– Zach Morris

world exclusive : first details sega cyclone

Today GennyRT can exclusively reveal that Sega has cut a deal with Imagination Technologies to provide the graphics processor for it’s next generation console; the Sega Cyclone.

We can also reveal that the new hardware from Sega is set for launch in time for holiday season 2017 with a price tag of sub $250.

The console shall forego physical discs and instead be a digital download based console.

More as and when we get it.

– Zach Morris

The History Of Sonic The Hedgehog At The Arcade

“It is June 23rd and that marks a milestone in video gaming as one of the most popular game mascots turns 25 years old. That would be Sega’s speedy blue fuzzball, Sonic The Hedgehog. To celebrate the anniversary, let’s take a look at the various appearances of the beloved character in the arcade space (Sega’s real playground).”

Full Article – Arcade Heroes

– Brian Holzhauer

The History of Sega Console Hardware Hideki Sato – 1998 Developer Interview

“This wonderful retrospective of Sega console hardware was originally featured in the November 1998 issue of Famitsu DC, and later recompiled for the 2001 Sega Consumer History book. Narrated by Hideki Sato, a longtime company man who helmed Sega’s console R&D during the 16-bit era, and later became President in 2002.”

Full Article – Shmuplations

– Brain Holzhauer

Sega cyclone development kit trademarked with the uspto

“IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Computer game programs; computer game software; video game software; video game programs; video game discs and cartridges; computer game software for use on mobile and cellular phones; computer software for software design, development and testing and related computer-aided software testing tools; game engine software for video game development and operation; computer software development tools”

United States Patent and Trademark Office

– Zach Morris

Sega’s new era in entertainment

“Formerly renowned for its video games and devices, Sega – now Sega Sammy Holdings Inc – has successfully transitioned to adapt to the ever-changing entertainment market and diversified with activities that span from the development and manufacturing of commercial-use video game machines, home-use video game software, and pachinko pinball machines, to the management of amusement parks, commercial resorts, casinos and tourism facilities. Hajime Satomi, President and CEO of Sega Sammy Holdings Inc, talks us through the group’s renewed strategic focus and perspectives.”

Full interview – The Worldfolio

– Brian Holzhauer

“sega cyclone development kit”

“Home TV game machine programs, home video game programs and electronic circuits, magnetic tape, magnetic disk, optical disk was stored for the machine ROM cartridges and other recording medium, for a portable LCD screen game machine electronic circuits, magnetic tape, magnetic disk, optical disk · ROM cartridges and other recording medium having stored the program, software for home video game machine, electrical and communication electronics equipment, mobile phone strap, headphones, speakers, cover for mobile phone , mobile phone case for, computer, game programs for computers, electronic circuits, magnetic tape, magnetic disk, optical disk · ROM cartridge that stores a game program for a computer, computer software, mobile phone game programs, computer game software, via the Internet downloadable computer programs, computer programs, computer program used in the system management for managing the management and computer communications of the operating system, a recording medium storing a computer program for study materials, design of the game program, computer software, computer programs used in the design and development of the game program to be used in the development, computer software for computer software computer program for development support, software computer-aided software testing tool for design, development, testing and related , computer program development for computer programs, arcade video game machine program, electronic circuits, magnetic tape, magnetic disk, optical disk · ROM cartridges and other recording medium having stored a program for business for the video game machine, TV for business game machine software, video game programs, video game software, records, received by the Internet and the music file can be saved, music files for downloadable mobile terminal device, recorded or recorded on a compact disc , the image file can be received via the Internet and storage, recorded video discs and video tapes, image files and video files for downloadable mobile terminal device, an electronic publication”


– Zach Morris

Mr. Morris Not behind internet hoax

The Sega fan site SegaBits has recently directed an internet hoax called “Project Dream” in the direction of 40 year industry veteran Mr. Zachary Morris.

“Update: So after a bit of internet sleuthing and comments from those who have dealt with SEGA home console conspiracy artists in the past, all of this very well may be the work of the infamous Zach Morris. Mr. Morris, or whatever his name is, has been up to this sort of nonsense since 2003″ 


We can officially confirm that the venerable Mr. Morris only reports on the truth and is in no way affiliated with “Project Dream”.

– Brian Holzhauer